Sunday 4th May

River Usk at Glan-yr-Afon.

May 4th

The Usk is a delightful river, red where the Wye is grey, its rocks create a warmth that is sometimes absent form its bigger neighbour. The smaller size makes the Usk feel more intimate and easier to fish. But don't be fooled. This is a testing river.

Firstly there is the wading. You shouldn't really consider fishing the river without felt and studs. Even with these soles, you need to take great care, both for your own safety and so as not to disturb the wild trout. Then there are the myriad currents that pull at you leader and fly line, causing drag just as the fly approaches the fish; or so it seems. My advice is, go slowly and stealthily and fish a shorter line. You may reduce the likelihood of drag.

The Usk trout are bigger than your average fish. I'm not sure why, but they are. And they are often well educated. Not PhDs perhaps, but certainly Batchelors of Art in spotting fakes amongst the stream of natural flies that descend the river. So when you catch a good Usk fish it is worth celebrating. But isn't that what fishing should be? A celebration of life?


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