Thursday 3rd March

River Usk at Glan-yr-Afon

March 3rd

The first day of the season. The weather looked good and the river levels were fine too. No question about it. Time to go fishing. The Usk can be very good, early season but this was very early; a fact that was brought home as I drove through the lovely Welsh countryside. There were only few daffodils in flower, and if the national flower wasn’t out then what would the fishing be like?

The river looked lovely. It was also very cold, 40F in the old currency. I boldly waded in and quickly foolishly froze. It didn't happen instantly, the layers of undergarments meant it took minutes for the cold to penetrate to my skin. However I was not to be stopped, and so I fished on, casting to all the known spots that trout like to be. But last year's lies were vacant; or the occupants were sleeping the torpid sleep of trout.

I had a wonderful day. I caught nothing. Late on I saw one fish swirl at my flies, and I have to admit I was so surprised I failed to strike ! One other fish showed itself in the afternoon when there was a short and sparse hatch of large dark olives. Two rises in a day doesn't make a spring. But I enjoyed myself. It was like being reunited with an old friend. I shall visit her again soon.


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