Tuesday 23rd September

River Usk at Pantysgallog.

September 23rd

Today both the Wye and Usk are at excellent heights for fishing. So for the first time in ages I'm spoiled for choice. Where to fish? I opted for the Usk, as it has some fine trout, but no grayling. The trout season ends soon, so fish the Usk this week and chase grayling on the Wye next.

The river was crystal clear and that combined with bright green moss and red rocks along the banks made for a visual treat. There were buzzards keening overhead and, on occasion, protesting at my intrusion on their patch. A red kite sailed by. On the river there were kingfishers and dippers. Altogether lovely.

But of trout there was little sign. I'm sure they are here, but I found only two rising fish, both in the same pool. I'm glad to say that I managed to catch (and release) them. One took a small nymph and the other a dry fly. Both fish looked like they were taking food just below the surface. But the one drawback with catch and release is you're not able to confirm such hunches by autopsy. A small price to pay.


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Pantysgallog bridge

The falls and bridge