Saturday 21st April

River Usk at Penpont.

April 21st

The river was looking beautiful. The water was low and very clear; again summer conditions, but in Spring. The differences were twofold, the water was still cold and the trees were just leafing out. The fresh foliage and the bright sunshine gave the day a magical quality. The Usk has sections of red bedrock which are a distinctive feature and perhaps explain the lovely reddish hue that many Usk trout have.

The low clear water made the fishing tough, with the sharp-eyed wild fish often able to spot you before you saw them. There was little fly life, other than the ubiquitous tiny buzzers. If this all sounds a little downbeat, nothing could be further from the truth. The day was a great pleasure and four trout came to hand, two of some size. In addition there was the company of dippers and wagtails, plus a kingfisher. Enough to brighten anyone's day.

Whilst the Usk has no grayling, its trout make up for their absence.


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River Usk Penpont

River Usk, red rocks

red back trout