Sunday 14th September

River Usk at Cefn Rhosan Fawr.

September 14th

Today I took a look at a part of the Usk that was new to me. Cefn Rhosan Fawr is a beautiful section of the river, close to the town of Sennybridge. The river was a little high, but the weather was pleasantly warm, with the first hint of autumn in the air. Best of all there was no rain !

Whilst the river was high, the water was clear and there were few leaves in the water. Ideal fishing conditions I thought as I edged into the water. However wading was "interesting" and, with the river bed a jumble of large slippery boulders, I was happy I could see the bottom . The high water and strong current made progress even more entertaining. Anyone planning to fish here should take heed of WUF's advice to have felt and studs on their soles and better still a wading staff.

Despite lovely conditions, there were few signs of fish; in fact only 6 fish rose all day. I had to work hard, what with the wading and the length of the beat. My reward was modest in numbers, a couple of trout, but rich in experience. There were kingfishers all along the river as well as herons, dippers and grey wagtails.


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Cefn Rhosan Fawr

The underwater boulder field