September 2010

Mogollon Creek, New Mexico, USA

Anyone who had followed these reports will have worked out by now that I do a fair bit of fishing ! Perhaps, even a lot? What with guiding, fishing holidays and then everyday delights of the Wye, Usk, the Chalkstreams, plus the lochs, loughs and lakes: -- well what about time for other things, like relationships?

With this issue in mind, I decided that I should take a holiday with my lovely and long suffering partner. She doesn't fish, so where to go and how to structure a holiday for both of us? I think I found the answer; but the jury is still out and I await her verdict.

We went to the USA and yes, of course, I fished. But I had to walk to the streams and lakes and the treks were the adventure and the joy of the holiday. They also took a long time; conveniently leaving only a (very) small and defined amount of time to fish. One such adventure was the walk into Mogollon Canyon. My goal was to catch, and release, the endangered species of fish; the Gila trout. The walk in was demanding and long, but views and sense of wilderness were overpowering. We arrived at the stream, 'cream-crackered' and with just enough time to paddle and make a few casts. The fish obliged; the hot feet cooled nicely; and we were off back down the track. We saw no-one all day, heard no vehicles or planes and shared our world with hummingbirds and brightly coloured woodpeckers. A good way to go fishing.

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Mogollon Canyon

Mogollon Canyon

Gila Trout

The goal -- Gila Trout