May 22nd 2008

River Trebusica

Angling Club of Tolmin, Slovenia

The chance to fish the superb Soca should not be passed over. So when I found myself in Croatia at the end of a job, I drove north into the mountains of Slovenia to look upon one of the most remarkable rivers in the world. I'm beginning to sound like a stuck record; but the Soca was high and dirty. Too much rain and a fast melting of the winter snow pack had created a river full of blue milk !

What to do. I had so looked forward to fishing. You know what it's like. So a visit to the office of the Angling Club of Tolmin, and I had a day ticket to fish the Trebusica. This is a delightful alpine stream, a Soca in miniature. The water was crystal clear and the fish were wary and forewarned by any mistaken movement.

TThe Trebusica holds stocked rainbow trout. But that's not what I was hoping to catch. There are Marbled Trout, a remarkable relative of our brown Trout, and a lovely kind of Grayling, my favourite fish. The Adriatic grayling is more tan (or gold if you're of romantic persuasion) and few if any sports. To my eye it also has a shorter head. But anyway a memorable day was spent wading the waters of the Trebusica, and both types of special fish were caught.


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River Soca

High Water and mist on the Soca

Trebusica Grayling