Thursday August 5th

River Test at Leckford

The Test is a lovely river, and it always feels a privilege to stand on its banks; but how would it fish on a bright breeze August day? The received wisdom is that the fishing is best early morning or in the evening. I arrived at 09:00am, and was prepared to wait it out.

However the fish had other ideas. There were no rises, but the fish could be seen and cast to. From the beginning of the month this particular section of the test allows nymph fishing. So as long as a fish was 'on the fin', there was a chance to fool it with a submerged fly. The fish were very keen and we soon had some splendid fish on the bank.

There was a mixture of brown trout and rainbows. I feel it is a shame to have rainbow trout in our rivers, as we have our own native fish which in many ways is a finer opponent. And the rainbow trout can sometimes not be the best looking fish with ragged fins etc. However these rainbows were fully-finned and fighting fit. They made heart stopping runs up and down river and put tremendous strain on tackle and fisherman alike. Our basket was equal numbers of rainbow and brown trout. The lovely grayling were all returned to the water.

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River Test

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trout's delight, mayfly nymph