Saturday 23rd May

River Llynfi Dulas, Upper Beat.

May 31st

The Llynfi Dulas is the odd-stream-out. Whilst the rest of the Wye is rocky and wild and wonderful; the Llynfi flows sedately through meadows. It is none the worse for that though, in fact it is a very special stream.

Firstly it is a wonderful secret Lilliputian world. Over time the Llynfi has cut down into the red soil and now runs unseen about 6 feet below the surrounding fields. It is secluded watery world, tucked down below its own banks. The Llynfi is a diminutive gem, with clear water running over gravel and silt; from one deep mysterious pool to another.

Secondly, the gentle nature of the stream has allowed sediment to settle out. This silt is the home to Mayfly nymphs and in the latter half of May, the adults emerge. They are large and beautiful and the trout of the rivulet love them. So there are weeks of quite marvellous fishing to be had, hidden in your own miniature world. What more could an angler ask for?


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River Llynfi Dulas pool

Llynfi Dulas, riffle and pool

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