Sunday August 15th

Llyn Bugeilyn, WUF booking Office Beat

I had heard of these black-finned brown trout. To be found, I was told, in a high Llyn in the Welsh mountains. That was all I needed. An unusual looking fish, perhaps a unique strain of the beloved brown trout. I wanted to go there.

Well, this week end I finally made it. I had been thinking of going, in reality just letting other things take priority, for too long. Llyn Bugeilyn is remote. It's miles away from the other booking office beats of the Wye and Usk Foundation. So after an hours drive from Builth Wells, we were relieved to have arrived. We had the llyn to ourselves. Well that's not really true. For there were a few sheep, many more midges and absolutely thousands of flying ants. We had chosen the day of the year when every social insect in the area had decided to mate.

Was it worth it? You bet; the fishing was fun, the trout are very different looking and the place exudes a peacefulness hard to fin in modern times. Are they a special strain of trout, or is it simply adaptive colouring to match the dark peaty waters? I don't know, but they are very different to their relatives in the River Wye, over a 1000 feet below.

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Llyn Bugeilyn

Looking back to the boat house

Llyn Bugeilyn trout

The 'special one'