Saturday April 28th

River Grwyne Fawr

Tributary of the Usk

The stream was low and the water very clear, the weather was sunny and warm. In fact the conditions were very like last weekend. The big difference was the fly life; -- there was some. March Browns, big and stout bodied, flew up off the water and downstream, with the troublesome wind. (troublesome for my casting, that is, not a problem for the mayflies.) They were joined by smaller numbers of Large Dark Olives.

The fly life meant that as well as all the likely water to search, there were rising fish to cast to, and this added to the enjoyment of the day. Most fish came to a small nymph, despite the big meaty flies on the wing. The best was a really decent fish that surprised me as much as itself when it grabbed the nymph at the top of a pool.

The Grwyne Fawr is a delightful stream, giving great pleasure even in low water conditions.




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River Grwyne Fawr

March brown Mayfly