Sunday September 23rd

River Grwyne Fawr

Tributary of the Usk

This weekend I was sat in a room with a group of other fishing guides. We were attending a course run by the Environment Agency Wales, and very good it was too. But by Sunday afternoon, I was getting a severe attack of claustrophobia and fishing fever. All that talk about guiding skills and fishing... and no action.

So by 5 o'clock I found myself driving the back lanes to the Grynne Fawr. A quick wriggle into chest waders and down the hill to the stream. The river was lower than the last visit. It was surprising how much water was 'out', too shallow to hold trout. But there was still the deeper pools and they held fish.

I normally walk or crawl very slowly up small rivers, but with just over an hour of light, I leapfrogged from pool to pool. The end result 2 fine brown trout and no more fishing fever.


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Grwyne Fawr Valley

Brown Trout