Sunday April 12th

River Edw.

April 12th 2009

Easter Sunday was a lovely day. The sun shone, the lambs gambolled; just as they are supposed to do. The rivers ran clear, just like they should. There were lesser Celandines in blooom. I decided to fish a tributary of the Wye; the Edw. This is a delightful river and there are four beats available through the Passport Scheme of the Wye and Usk Foundation.

Cregrina is a delightful section of the river. It starts, like the two lower beats, running through the dappled light of a tunnel of trees. The first half is all moss-covered boulders and gravel-lined pools. But above the hamlet of Cregrina, the valley opens a little and the stream, still cosseted by trees, is now surrounded by meadows. The pools are longer deeper and slower. If anything an even more stealthy approach is required here than in the first section.

April might be a little early for these tributaries, but the water warms quickly and fish can be caught. They are not large, but they are little gems. The sight of a wild brown trout, its red spotted sides sparkling in the sunlight is not easily forgotten. If you've not tested your skills on one of the small streams, then I highly recommend you do. A little rod and large amount of patience are all that is required.


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River Edw

Celandines alongside the Edw