July 2008

Las Salinas, Zapata, Cuba

After three weeks working without a day off, I was ready to go fishing. Actually I was ready to drop, but it was easy to convince myself that a week's bonefish was as good as a rest. Nothing is further from the truth and I knew it, but I love bonefishing and so I drove myself east, away from the city and towards the peace of the Zapata countryside. On the way I encountered 3 punctures and found a completely new way to use a condom but that's another story.

The weather in July has characteristics that are both positive and negative. First, the negatives; it's as hot as Hades and there are huge electrical storms and torrential rain most afternoons. Now the positives. The mornings are marvellous, no wind and flat calm water. Sight fishing paradise. Tailing fish can be seen from 100metres, as their fins flash in the sun. It is delightful and delicate fishing, where you can spot bonefish and they can just as easily see you.

Las Salinas is a huge area, and it seems selfish to want it all to yourself; but that is a possibility if you are able to cast all day under a blazing sun in 100% humidity and 100F temperatures. Not everyone's idea of bliss; but me -- I love it. I can't wait for the next time.

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Tailing bonefish

tailing bonefish


recovering bonefish