Wednesday April 2st

Brook Farm Fishery

There is always a sense of excitement when I am going fishing. Brook Farm Fishery creates that frissant more than most places. It might be classed as a small stillwater; but what that term fails to convey !

The location is idyllic, tucked into a 'secret' Cotswold valley. The water in the lake is crystal clear, and the bottom is covered in Chara weed. The owners pride themselves in the quality of the fish. They are a delight to behold. Normally silvery and powerful. They fight strongly, even the little ones; and the big ones? Well they will pull you round the lake, after they've taken you out to the backing.

So proud of their fish are the owners that they encourage you to remove the cock fish that have overwintered. These fish colour up and lose condition as their Spring breeding season approaches. Any cock fish removed don't count towarss your catch And some of these fish are big, the one pictured weighed ten pounds. But there are bigger and better fish to be caught. But only by stealth and delicacy can these fish be fooled. I was fortunate to catch and release a fish 50% larger than the cock fish. It is truly a lovely place to pursue a lovely pastime.

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Brook Farm lake

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