Friday April 2nd

Brook Farm Fishery

When the river is full and dirty, then it can pay to say, I'm going to fish elsewhere. Not always mind you the tributaries can be good on occasion under these conditions. Anyway I had an invitation to fish Brook Farm. It's a special fishery, managed by special people who pride themselves in the quality of fish they rear. The rainbows are big and powerful, the water is clear and the fishing an enjoyable challenge.

The day was not one for sunbathing! It rained on and off, the wind swirled and even the best raingear was exactly that rain-soaked gear. But with two friends we persevered and the trout came to the net. With grey, even light and a large ripple it was hard to spot fish, but on occasion sight fishing was possible. And what a thrill to see a large fish stop and then swim up and swallow your fly.

Brook Farm is to be praised for its philosophy towards angling. Imitative patterns only, presented on a floating line. The delightful fishing is enhanced by the lovely setting, in a secluded Cotswold Valley. I can't wait to fish there again.

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Brook Farm lake

Idyllic setting

Overwintered Rainbow

An overwintered fish