Saturday April 3rd

Blagdon Lake

Blagdon is a beautiful lake. It is full of rainbow trout. Both are truths not to be challenged. However extracting just a few of the thousands of fish that swim in its rich waters is not an easy task. Today was another day where despite catching fish, I was left wondering if I had learned anything of Blagdon's ways. I 'm certainly none the wiser about how rainbow trout behave.

Stillwater fishing, particularly on reservoirs, is an art-form unto itself. The rod and fly line may be the same, but otherwise this is a different sport from river fishing. It is as challenging and requires as much experience and knowledge, it's just different. And it is that knowledge, or lack of it, that I pondered as I left the lovely lake.

A cold and rainy day made for challenging conditions for the angler. I fear that concentration and confidence both drop as the rain slowly seeps into clothing. That's my excuse for a modest day on the lake. It was a pleasure to see the Great-crested Grebes and Tufted Ducks courting. Even more of a delight was to see my friend, Tim's, beautiful brown trout. But Blagdon had the better of us and a return match is called for. Perhaps after ten years I may begin to understand this enigmatic lake?

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Blagdon lake

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Tim's brown trout

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