Saturday 24th October

River Arrow, Arrow Mill Beat.

May 31st

Some days you just have to go fishing. I hadn't visited the Wye or any of its numerous tributaries for far too long. It was time to become reacquainted. The WUF AGM was on Friday night in Hereford, so it was natural to fish the north eastern tributaries on Saturday.

It rained all night and the morning was wild and woolly. The wind was strong and temperamental and the rain lashed down, interspersed with intervals of wan sunshine. But the Arrow was clear and running at a good height. So after finding one beat occupied, I settled on Arrow Mill. This is a beautiful piece of water and, like a football match, it presents a game of two halves.

Below the weir that feeds the leat and the mill (still working) the water is classic pool and riffle. Here the grayling proved obliging, though the wind made casting difficult, even when sheltered by the riverside vegetation. Some of the said trees are now decorated with various nymphs; and I shall have a pleasant evening replacing the missing flies. The other issue was the low light and gray reflection from the river surface. At times it was hard to see line and leader. Above the weir, the water is very different; a long slow pool that meanders through pastureland. This is the domain of chub, and a few were showing, one of which obligingly grabbed the passing nymph. A day for blowing away the cobwebs.

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River Arrow bridge

River Arrow , bottom of beat

Arrow Mill

Arrow Mill